Zombie Rush Update

I was thinking of a small project to do when I have 5 minutes spare every so often and also to get me back into the groove of development and I decided to revisit and redo on of my previous games.

Zombie Rush is a game that is still getting a few downloads, but I was never really 100% happy with it, so I decided to redo it completely.

Zombie rush game android zombie game

I’ve managed to start from scratch and improve the game using my favourite tool the Godot Engine.

There are a number of improvements to the new version of Zombie Rush, including, making everything a bit more clearer, 6 new levels as well as the classic survival mode.

Also, guns are dropped in crates from above for you to pick up.

I’ve also added high scores for both normal and survival mode.

Zombie Rush can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store here:


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