UFO Game – Moving Backgrounds

I’ve added a moving background to my UFO game. This means that now the fields move as well as some background trees, and changes the feel of the game, in that before it looked like it was the trees and animals which were moving, but now, with the moving background and clouds, it really does feel a lot more like that the UFO is moving along the ground.

I hope to add different levels to my UFO game, such as a level in the city and a level in Area 51.


Also, in the screenshot below, you’ll notice some numbers.  The first is the score,  and to score points you either abduct animals ore destroy enemies and any trees or buildings on the ground.     The second number (0/5) is the number of animals you abduct, so in this case I’ve abducted 0 out of 5 animals (bad).

ufo game - a game made of paper

The game works well with the keyboard, but I still need to refine the Android controls.


I still need to:

1. Add new animals, trees, enemies and objects (first create them from paper and then scan them into the game).

2. Add new levels, each with their own animals (people also!) to abduct, as well as different enemies.

3. A win system (ie; what you need to do to beat the game) currently the game just continues, but I’m hoping to add a win condition depending on the percentage of animals and people you abduct.

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