The Train of Lost Souls

Will it be heaven or hell, or will the lost souls all escape to keep wandering?


Train of Lost Souls Casual arcade Android mobile game

The Train of Lost Souls is a casual mobile game for Android that I developed with my mother.
It was her idea and we created all the graphics in the game out of paper, which we then scanned.

As the train of lost souls continues it’s never ending journey around the world you must help the lost souls find their ultimate destination.

As the souls are released from the train, swipe them to the rightful place, gold souls up towards the angels and the red souls down towards eternal damnation. Some souls are not ready, so need to be put back in the train, luckily the train has a recycling wagon where the unready souls can swiped back into the train.

Train of Lost Souls Casual Android Arcade mobile game

Be careful, not to loose any souls or they will become forever wandering ghosts and will try and come back to the train to take more souls with them. As the protector of the Train of Lost Souls, you can scare the ghosts away by swiping them away with your finger.

Also, the train travels the world, so you’ll visit many different locations, such as the countryside, desert, icy mountains and the ocean. Can you get a top score in each of the locations in this great casual game?

This is a fun little arcade game for all ages that we had fun creating and hope you enjoy!

You Score Points By:
1. Swiping Golden hearts towards the angel.
2. Swiping Red hearts towards the devil.
3. Swiping other colour hearts into the soul recycling wagon at the back of the train.

You Lose Souls and Points if:
1. A soul escapes off one of the other side of the screen.
2. A ghost comes into contact with a soul.

Download it for free on Google Play:Android Google Play game



This is my second game made using the Godot Engine, which has been a pleasure to use.

Many thanks for playing it.