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grand prix hero f1 championship

Grand Prix Hero: F1 championship

An F1 Championship Mode

I’ve added the F1 Championship Mode to the game (Grand Prix Hero) and it now works nicely, after each race, the final positions are displayed and points are given to each driver, although, I’ll add a podium graphic or animation to this eventually.

I’ve also added a screens for the end of season, which displays the final points positions, but I’d like to add a fancy animation or graphic here, such as a an animation of a trophy if the player finishes in the top three.

Here is the current championship screen:

grand prix hero f1 championship

Track Select

The tracks are loaded depending on how many track files there are in game folder (each tracks data is stored in a separate file, created by my track editor). This makes it easier to add/remove/edit tracks in the future.

This means that the ‘circuit select’ screen is currently working:

Grand Prix Hero Track Select Monza

Other Updates

The game can now be paused.

Finally, the race now ends when 50% of the cars have crossed the finish line,but I may change this to a different rule later.

2013 Indie Games Review

2013 Indie Games Review

This is my annual December post.

Yes! It’s my 2013 indie games review!!!

2013 will be remembered for being full of promise and hope and experimentation, despite not living up to my expectations in regards to finishing games.

While I did manage to finish two games (Rocket Croc and Zombie Rush) I don’t consider them to be masterpieces, but learning experiences, there were a lot of things wrong with Rocket Croc and Zombie Rush, but they did help me learn about game design more, during programming, as well as help me learn the great Monkey programming language, which has been a pleasure to programme in.  They did prove to me quite successful, Zombie Rush was downloaded more than 22,000 times and  Rocket Croc was downloaded more than 4,000 times.

But after the release of these two games, my output slowed and I didn’t manage to finish any games, despite starting a few such as a 3D Starfox on-rails shooter, a 3D touring car game and even a Sheep game, which have all been added to the Basement section of the website, which shows a gallery of my unfinished projects.  However, I am proud of some of the progress that I made, such as my first real exploration of 3D coding.

I’ve also tried out other technologies such as Unity3D and a quick (yet frustrating) return to Gamemaker, but at the end of the day, I found them to fiddly for my needs and always came back to using Monkey.

Also, more importantly, I did manage to get this website up and running, and have learnt to use wordpress and a little on SEO.

What about income?

We’ll even though Rocket Croc or Zombie Rush didn’t bring in the success or financial rewards of lesser (and slightly embarrassing) efforts such as el Penalti de Ramos (The Penalty of Ramos).  However, the ads from all my games, do bring still bring me a little money each month from Ads, enough for two weeks shopping, which is great, even though I haven’t updated or done anything for 10 months.

So, what next?

Well, I’m used to starting games that are probably too big for me at this moment, or losing interest, so I want to try and make a habit of releasing games.  This is why, despite my previous post about restarting my F1 game Grand Prix Hero, I will probably start small again and slowly build-up. My idea is to try and create and finish a small 2D Christmas game before Christmas (although it might be too late).

And then maybe take on something like Grand Prix Hero

So, that’s my Sionco 2013 Indie Games Review, and I’m ready to get the train back on the track for 2014!