Seren Nova 3D development version boss 1

Seren Nova 3D Level 1 boss complete and other updates.

I’ve been working on Seren Nova 3D a little bit each week and I feel that the first level is almost finished.  I hope to release a version of the first level in the development stage soon to be tested.   I’ve created a new boss (I had two goes at this, but wasn’t happy […]

seren nova 3d laser effects space game


Recently, I released an Alpha version of the game in it’s current state to get feedback on TIGSource, while I didn’t get as much as I wanted, (probably because the I mucked-up the first release when people where most interested),  but it did raise some interesting points, and even playing it through myself I found […]

seren nova 3d space shooter game shields

Shield Upgrade in Seren Nova 3D

I’ve previously mentioned that I’ve added shields to the game.  But, for some reason making a shield collectible that can be picked-up in the game slipped through the Seren Nova 3D development. So, finally, I’ve done it!  If you find this beauty during the game, you’ll get shields, which will last until they’ve taken too […]


New Laser Beam Firing Enemy Ship

Like the robots in the first level, I wanted to add a more difficult enemy in the middle of the second level of Seren Nova.  I’ve created a ship called a Battlefighter that shoots a new type of weapon in the game, a laser beam.  The laser beam can cut through anything and continues to […]

seren nova 3d enemy starfighters

New Enemy Starfighters and more!

Firstly, I’ve created some enemy star fighters, these ships come in from the side of the screen in little squadrons, they’re easy to take down individually, but much tougher in groups. This is how they appear in the game, (I’ve since added a booster effect to the back of them) Also, I’ve added some forcefield […]

asteroid field

Asteroid Field! The Second Level!

I’ve started working on the second level, which will start within an asteroid field.  The asteroids will be big and can cause some damage, but can be destroyed by a few lasers. Here’s the beginning of the level being edited in the Godot Engine editor: And how the asteroid field looks like in-game: I’ve also […]

godot snow particles

Mission Over Screen

I’ve had a break for summer, but now, I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D. Firstly, I’ve added a basic mission over screen, I hope to make it look a bit prettier and have some basic conversations between the characters. Also, I’ve added snow particles to the snow level, which fly towards the player.  It’s […]

seren nova 3d first boss development version

First level Boss is Finished

I’ve improved the first level boss by adding a top saucer to it.  Now it has a top saucer section. To destroy it, you have it shoot the middle support section, which has 4 parts (or legs), as you hit each one they fall down, and once all four have been hit and have collapsed […]

seren nova 3d robot co-pilot friend

WiiMote Game Control and a Robot Co-pilot Friend!

Three big updates today! I’ve been hard at work! Gamepad Support! Firstly, As mentioned before, I’ve been testing the game with a keyboard, as I don’t have a PC gamepad, but while playing some Star Fox Assault on my Gamecube for inspiration, I looked at my Wii and realized that it must be possible to […]