Super hang glider for Android, available on Google Play

Super Hang Glider Released

Super Hang Glider Released to the Google Play Store

Yes, I’ve finished my second game of 2018.  Called Super Hang Glider, it is a fun arcade game designed to be played with friends on a mobile phone or tablet device (although it can be played alone).

Super Hang Glider released on Google Play

Initially, I was inspired to make this game after looking on Google Play for a game similar to the Monkey Target mini game from the Super Monkey Ball franchise.  After being disappointed with the offerings, I decided to make a game with similar objectives although with my own twist upon it.

In Super Hang Glider, you and up to three friends take turns to launch your hang glider and try to gain as many points as possible.  Points are won be either landing on the targets or flying through rings.

The game features different characters to choose from each with their own hang glider.  I’m not the best artist, so I’m quite pleased with the simple character designs.

Super Hang Glider released on Google Play

The game includes a high score screen, which saves the top 8 scores as well as the character who achieved that score.

Also, I decided to include random events that can occur and affect the flight of the player.  These include a UFO that changes the player’s direction in a random way, a flock of birds that fly towards the player and also fog which makes it difficult to see.   These events only occur after the first round.

To make things more difficult there is also the wind to contend with.  Each turn, the wind changes, so you could be flying against a strong side-wind at any moment.


I’m very happy with this game.  Getting the flying physics right took a lot of times and many changes and rewrites, although, I will probably try to adjust them a little more in the future.

It has taken me a month to develop this game, and I’ve probably worked on it about 2 or 3 afternoons a week.  So, in total, that is probably about 12 days.  I’m quite pleased with that.

At the beginning, I was considering to put in different levels, but, I decided against it to stop ‘feature-creep’, as I wanted to finish this game before the end of February.   Now that it is finished, I’ll think about adding a new level in the future.

I designed all the 3D and 2D graphics myself.  I’m not a great 3D or 2D artist, so, I’m relatively pleased with the result.

This is also actually, the second game to include my voice.  I’ve recorded myself saying 12 words/phrases which are used for the announcers voice.  I tried to do it in a classic 90’s Sega arcade game announcer style.

The music and sound effects are all free sounds I found (using the Creative Commons 0 licence).

Play now

You can download Super Hang Glider from the Google Play store now.

Click here.

super hang glider released for android



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