Sheep (2014)

Sheep is a prototype for a farm sim game.

In the game you take control of a sheep farm and must protect your flock and earn money.

  • Sell sheep before they die, the younger the sheep the more money you make!
  • Keep the fields watered, if the sheep have no grass, they will starve!
  • Make your sheep fall in love and produce baby lambs for the future of your farm!
  • Protect your sheep from predators such as foxes!
  • Your sheep’s health will deteriorate more rapidly when they reach 7 years old.

All created out of paper!

Development Screenshots of Sheep, the farm sim game:

sheep farm sim game for android mobile devices

sheep sim paper gamesimsheep farm sim game androidsheep farm sim game android

I had fun creating the prototype, especially creating the animals from paper and scanning them into the computer.  I wasn’t too happy with the gameplay, however, I’d like to return to this game one day in the future, maybe make it 3D.

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