Seren Nova 3D game

Seren Nova 3D Level One Starts to take shape

My current development goal for Seren Nova 3D is to get the first level finished, then I can show it off.

I’m still not 100% happy with the aiming, but it is a lot better than the previous unfinished version of this game that I was working on 3 years ago.

I’ve got most of the enemy ships working how I want them to work (including this new ship below – which comes from behind the player, before turning and performing a spin attack towards the player).  I believe that I have finished the first 2/3 of the level.  I also need to create the level boss, as don’t like the boss ship that I had 3 years ago for this level.

Seren Nova 3D game

Also, this time, I’m thinking more about the environment.  So, for this level I want more snow hills and remains of buildings/animals on this dead planet.    Also, the gates to the enemy base have returned, where the player has to shoot them to open them.

The idea of this level is to provide a gentle introduction to the game, although there are some pretty intense laser battles in the middle.

Seren Nova 3D gameSer

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