Seren Nova 3D development version boss 1

Seren Nova 3D Level 1 boss complete and other updates.

I’ve been working on Seren Nova 3D a little bit each week and I feel that the first level is almost finished.  I hope to release a version of the first level in the development stage soon to be tested.


I’ve created a new boss (I had two goes at this, but wasn’t happy with the first one). So, the level is functionally complete.Seren Nova 3D development version boss 1

I’ve been adding a lot of things, trying to focus on small details in the first level.  Even though I will release a version of level 1 in it’s current state, there will be improvements from feedback and also my own play-through.


I’ve also spent more time trying to refine and improve the controls and targeting.  I feel I have a good compromise for the 3 different controller types (gamepad, keyboard, touchscreen).  Although, playing with the gamepad the game does control a bit different to playing with a keyboard.

For the development release version, I’ve added a temporary controller select option to the main screen.

Development version Seren Nova 3d main screen

The release will be for Windows/Linux PCs.  That is my main target for this game.  Although the Android version is working and always in the back of my mind during development.

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