Seren Nova 3D onrails space shooter 2018

Seren Nova 3D Development Update

Here are the latest updates in Seren Nova 3D (my restarted version of the game; as mentioned in the previous blog post).   I’ve spent the time updating and re-implementing some of the 3D models of ships from the 3 years ago.  I’m not great at texturing or 3D models, but I have decided to at least give the ships basic textures,  as opposed to the non-textured look in the previous version of this game.


New Ship

I’ve also created a new ship for the player.  I did this because I thought it would be better to get away from the blue and grey winged ship that is associated with Star Fox.

Targeting Systems

I’ve also been testing two targeting systems, one which is more similar to Panzar Dragoon, where the target doesn’t reset when you stop moving it.  I am leaning towards this option, because I think that it will be easier to control for people who don’t play with a gamepad, such as people playing with a keyboard on the PC and people playing with touch screen controls on Android devices.Seren Nova 3D onrails space shooter 2018

As you see in the screenshot below, I’ve replaced the old satellites and created a sky texture.  I want this planet to look dull and like just a big planet of snow.
Seren Nova 3D onrails space shooter 2018


As mentioned in the previous blog post, I’m a lot happier with the targeting system, and continue to improve it, such as when the cross-hairs are over a target, there is a little resistance when you try to move them away.  This is so that when moving the target across the screen quickly, the cross-hairs stay a fraction longer over enemies, so the player will have a fraction longer to get a good shot in.  I’ll be making small adjustments until I think it will work well across all control systems.

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