Rugby Union Runner

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Rugby Union Runner is a fun 2D rugby game for Android mobile phones and tablets.

Play this fun rugby game and lead your team to victory against some of the best rugby union teams in the world!
Easy to play but difficult to master!  Swipe left and right to pass the ball to your team mates and swipe forward to kick the ball over the opposition.

rugby union runners mobile rguby game androidHOW FAR CAN YOU GO?
Try and run as many meters as possible without being tackled too many times and losing too much energy or losing the ball.  The longer you play and run the more difficult it gets.  As the number of meters that you’ve run increases so does the difficulty. The opposition start to come at you quicker and in more complex formations.

The opposition team constantly comes towards your players to try and get the ball and with over 22 possible different formations appearing at random depending on the difficulty, every game you play will be a different experience!

With many different teams, including international and top world national teams, the number of possible matches are endless!

Rugby Union Runner is a rugby game developed in using the Godot Engine by a rugby fan for rugby fans.