Rugby League Arcade

Rugby League Arcade 3D sports game for PC linux Windows

Rugby League Arcade is a fun 3D sports game based on Rugby League for Windows and Linux PCs. Rugby League Arcade draws inspiration from classic sports games such as Sensible Soccer and ARL 96. Featuring easy to use controls, fun game-play, lots of domestic and international teams and an in-built editor. Passing, tackling and kicking have never been so fun!

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FeaturesRugby League Arcade updates 3D player

  • Fully 3D PC game!
  • Easy to control, with just a few buttons.
  • Lots of teams! International and domestic.
  • Real player physics.
  • In-built team and player editor.
  • Local Multiplayer.
  • The only rugby game available for Linux / Ubuntu (and only indie rugby game for Windows).

Rugby League Arcade PC Game Windows Linux


Rugby League has severely been under-represented in the games market, with a lack of games based on the greatest sport. The games that do exist lack some of the fun that classic games from the early and mid 90’s had.  With Rugby League Arcade, I hope to create a game for Rugby League fans (including myself) that is primarily fun to play, while giving the feeling of competing in a Rugby League match.

I hope to create this game, by starting and focusing on the core-mechanics of the game, such as running, passing and tackling, so you won’t see any fancy menus or graphics, that is, until the core-mechanics of Rugby League Arcade have been programmed and are to my personal satisfaction.  I believe that this is the best way, as I feel passionate about this game, and want to create a game that not just other people, but also myself, will have fun playing.

Rugby League Arcade


Currently, I’m hoping to have Rugby League Arcade ready sometime in 2017. Hopefully, I’ll have some development demos ready before then to play and test. I blog about every development update, so to see the current progress of the project click here to read the blog.

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Rugby League Arcade title-screen


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