video game 2019 project preview

Project 2019 and when to start posting about a new game.

I have been working on a new project since February (2019). I don’t want to reveal it yet though. This is because, in the past I’ve tended to post about new projects too early on and then only to either lose motivation, find out the game isn’t that fun to play or realize that the scope of the project was too just large for one person.

So, I’ve set myself 4 criteria points before I start promoting and talking about the development of a project. They are:

  • The game/demo must have a finished and playable level.
  • The game must feel fun to play at an early stage.
  • I must feel the scope of the project isn’t too large.
  • I must have a basic plan of most levels/ideas.

Has my current project met these criteria?

Currently, I’ve nearly reached all 4 goals for this project.

Firstly, I have more or less finished the first level, and have actually started the second level. I’m not 100% happy with some things/styles of the first level, so, I’ll probably change them first.

Secondly, the game feels fun to control. The movement sometimes actually feels almost relaxing, this game will be a mixture of relaxing and more intense moments. But, I’m happy with how it controls. A developer has to keep playing through their game again and again to see how things work. This can often become boring and also demotivate a developer. However, I still enjoy the relaxing nature of the first level. So, this point has been met.

Thirdly, I decided to make this game because I wanted to work on something a bit smaller. My previous two ideas for games were too large for a sole developer. So I definitely feel that I can finish this game, I just have to try and not plan too many levels for the game.

Finally, I have a basic plan for most of the levels, even though it has some blank spaces for some elements and the plan keeps evolving (only in style and importantly not in size).

In conclusion

I think those 4 criteria are something that I will stick to in the future and are a general rule of thumb that indie game developers can use. As often when an indie developer starts a new project they are on an emotional high that they want to share and start showing the world. That is before they sometimes realize that the project is not feazable. Like love I guess? People are often blinded by love at the beginning.

For this game I am moving away from mobile development and I’m focusing on creating a game for the PC. I’ll leave a screenshot of one part of the first level.

video game 2019 project preview
video game 2019 project preview

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