Netball Shots – the 3D Netball game

Netball Shots

The 3D Netball Game for Android

Netball Shots the 3D netball game for Android mobile

What is Netball Shots?

Netball Shots is the first and only 3D netball game.
Take control of your nations goal shooter and with intuitive swipe-to-shoot control, easy to play but difficult to master!  Flick your finger or swipe your thumb to shoot the ball from different places in the goal area. Play in two different game modes with different countries and different colour balls, all in 3D.

Available now for Android mobiles and tablets!


– Intuitive flick shooting – Swipe your finger or thumb to shoot and set the power and angle.
– Choose from 12 top netball nations – All with their own netball kits and go for glory!
– Ball Physics – Featuring real ball physics, the ball bounces as you’d expect.
– Time Attack Mode – How many goals can you score in 60 seconds?
– Arcade Mode – Score a goal and you win a life, miss and you lose a life.
– High Scores – Challenge your high score in each game mode.
– Different Balls – Choose from a selection and play with your favourite ball.


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