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Netball Mobile Game – Updates and Download Free

I’ve updated my netball mobile game, Netball Shots.
A few features have been updated in this game for Android.  Firstly, and most importantly, it is now easier to shoot the ball and score goals.

Before, one review mentioned that it was too difficult to shoot from one of the positions futher away from the net.

Also, after watching someone try and play my netball mobile game for the first time, I noticed that they had some trouble working out how to shoot properly.  So, the first time you play the game, an arrow appears at the side showing you which way you have to swipe to shoot the ball.

Netball Shots Update - My 3D Netball Mobile Game

Thirdly, I have changed the camera angle slightly and now the camera is a little closer to the action, as seeing Netball Shots on someone else’s phone, made me realise that it looked tiny.

Finally, I’ve added achievements to the game.  When you first play my netball mobile game, you’ll notice that a lot of the 16 countries in the game are locked, and that you can only play with 4 of them.  To unlock them you have to do certain things, such as score a certain amount of goals in each game mode.  To see what you have to do to unlock each team, just press the lock icon above the nation’s flag and some text will appear at the bottom of the screen telling you what you have to do.

Netball shots 3d mobile netball game for android mobiles games

Netball Shots is still the only 3D Netball mobile game, and the only 3D netball game in the world!

You can download Netball Shots for free for Android on Google Play:Android Google Play game

It’s been good to improve Netball Shots, and I feel that these updates have made it a much better game and a casual mobile game that you can come back to.

I’m also considering whether to add some improvements, such as multiplayer or whether to create version 2 of my Netball mobile game, called surprisingly, Netball Shots 2.  If you have any suggestions for improvements, please contact me by writing a comment below.

Many Thanks and have a Happy New Year!


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