my 2d racing game for android and PC, development update

my 2D racing game for android / PC: Grand Prix Hero – A good start.

First Update on my 2D racing game for Android / PC.

I have spent two afternoons restarting my 2D Formula One racing game based in the 1960’s called Grand Prix Hero.

Earlier in the year, I briefly started this project, but gave up due to not having enough time to work on a bigger game like this, but now it’s holiday time, and as I mentioned earlier in a previous post, I think it’s the right time to attempt making this game.

In the last two days, I have already done more than I had the last time that I tried making this game.

What works in my F1 game:

1. I’ve added basic 2D car physics to the racing cars, this allows me to play around with how much the cars skid and their traction to the road (this will be useful for having different car types).
2. The computer cars move around the course on their own (but their turning movement is a bit erratic and only temporary).
3. The race updates the cars position depending on which part of the course they are, and ofcourse their lap.
4. Loads a track from the basic track editor that I had created earlier (but I still need to add things to the editor, such as track side objects)
5. Load drivers from a text file, hopefully this mean that at least the PC version of the game will be easy to edit.

Development Screenshots:

my 2d racing game for Android, Windows and Linux, development update


my 2d racing game for android, Windows and Linux

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