Important lessons for an indie game developer.

This was going to be a typical post by me, apologising for the lack of updates and announcing the death of yet another game, but I’ve decided to be positive and turn it into an article of important lessons for an indie game developer.

I’ve got a bit demotivated during making the UFO abduction game, I guess that it’s a problem because it was only meant to be a small game, but realising the things that I’d have to put in it to make it fun for people to play and worth downloading, grew and grew.  I think that I will plug away at it, not as a main project, but now and then, and eventually it will be finished.

I think that’s the problem of making small games that you wouldn’t play yourself,  I think I’ve learnt from this experience and I give you

Important lessons for an indie game developer


1. Make something that you would play, as trying to finish a project that’s not fun for you will probably mean that the last few days needed to finish the game will turn into months, and months into never..

2. Don’t aim to big.  I’ve previously tried to make 3D games or big sports management games, and they both continue to be in an unfinished state, as seen in the ‘basement‘ section of this website.  This is especially important if like me, you have a real job and only have limited time to programme.

3. Open your development environment or IDE, because, sometimes that’s all it takes.

4. If your not feeling motivated, try to do a small task in the game, such as the title screen, adjust the integer for the players jump height.  Sometimes, when I’ve done this, it has lead on to doing bigger tasks in the game.

5. Any more? I’d be happy to hear them.



Anyway, I did manage to make a few updates to my UFO game:

Now, each level starts of automatically, in that what objects appear is always the same, but after that I’ve decided to make it random, so you might finish off fighting off soldiers or tanks, each time will be different.

I’ve also added a percentage system to the game, so you can see what percentage of the animals you have abducted, I’m thinking that to get a gold star or ‘A’ rating on each level, you have to abduct 90% of any animals that appear..

I also tried the game in black and white and my phone, but, I think that I definitely prefer the colour version:

Important lessons for an indie game developer


Another Game

I’m also playing around with the idea of a top-down tiled game.  But, it’s early days.  However, this is a game that I’d like to play, and hopefully it won’t be to big of a project to take on, with the limited programming time that I have.


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