Seren Nova 3D snow worm

I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D

In 2015 due to not being happy with the feel of the controls and aiming in the game I stopped working on it.  However, I was recently playing around with the controls and aiming in a blank project and I found something that felt right.   So, I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D.


I’ve decided to restart from scratch.  I will use my original level designs and the models that I created.  But, everything else will be programmed from the ground up.

Seren Nova 3D snow worm

The game will be mission based.  I hope to try and make it a little bigger than my original idea, in that I want to use what I have learnt in the last two and a half years.


Last time, I completed the design for 2 levels.  So, I feel feel quite confident in finishing what will probably be the biggest game I will have completed.  Also, now that I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D, I feel very motivated because it is a joy for me to work on this game, creating the ships and levels, due to my love of classic on-rail 3D shooters.

It has also given me another reason to play Panzer Dragoon ( I love the second one) and Star Fox 64, and even the flying missions in Star Fox Assault, which are great.

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