Grand Prix Hero

Grand Prix Hero - 2D F1 Game

Grand Prix Hero (2014)

An Arcade 2D F1 Based Game

Race during the 1960’s in the classic era of motorsport.

Grand Prix Hero Classic Poster
Grand Prix Hero was a prototype a top-down 2D racing game based on the 1966/1967 Formula 1 seasons, which where two of the most dangerous and exciting eras of motorsport.  Select your hero from a wide range of different drivers and cars, put on your helmet and compete for the Driver’s World Championship.

Featuring different cars and tracks based on there real-life counterparts, as well as different race modes such as Single-Race Mode and Championship Mode

Developed by a true fan of motor racing and F1 who wants to play it as much as anyone else, so everything from the graphics to the driver AI are being created with care.

I had high-hopes for this game, but the controls and the AI never felt right.  The game had the ability to select different years from the 60’s which had versions of the F1 cars from that season.


Development Screenshots

The screenshots are screenshots from the development of Grand Prix Hero

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