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Game Release: Phonetic Submarine: Learn English Sounds

I’ve released my first game in what is a long time (about a year).  It is an educational game for learning the English language, specifically the app is to help English learners learn English sounds.

In my experience teaching the English language, students have a lot of difficulty with their listening comprehension and one major area of this is the minimal pairs.   Minimal pairs are words that vary only by a singular sound, such as ‘grow’ and ‘grew’ or ‘hat’ and ‘hit’.

This Android app is to help students learn to distinguish the difference between the sounds in English and therefore improve their ability to not only understand English but also their pronunciation of these sounds and words.


The game has two parts;

The first is the actual game part, where the player sees a word on the screen (in the red box) and as the submarine’s radar goes around they will hear two similar sounds.  They have to choose which is the correct pronunciation and swipe (or touch) in that direction on the radar.   If they choose correctly the submarine destroys the enemy sub, if they get it wrong the player’s submarine is hit by a torpedo.

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App learn english sounds pronunciation android listening

At the end of the game, the user is shown two lists; the first is a list of words that they didn’t identify properly and the second is a list that they previously had got wrong, but have understood them this time.

The last part of the game, is the ‘Words to Improve’ screen.  This is a big list of all the words that the user didn’t identify the correct pronunciation in English. They can click on each word to listen and practice.


Download Phonetic Submarine: Learn English Sounds now for free from the Google Play store.

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App learn english sounds

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