F1 2D Racing Game: Grand Prix Hero Classic Poster

The 2D racing game

F1 2D Racing Game: Grand Prix Hero Classic Poster

F1 2D Racing Game: Grand Prix Hero Classic Poster

Earlier this year I started making a 2D racing game called Grand Prix Hero.  It was going to be a game where you could race F1 cars from the 1960’s around classic tracks.  I drew some 2d cars (as shown in the picture), created a functional yet basic track editor and got the computer cars moving from point to point around a Monza-based circuit.  I was excited about making a F1 based 2D racing game. ..

But, like all of my post-January games this year, I found it hard to get back into programming the game after time away from the game, and eventually my interest and motivation for the game died.

However, with the difficulty I had in trying to create a 3D racing game (and being a team of one), I’ve decided to create the original game that I wanted to make,  Grand Prix Hero.


Hopefully, I’ll be able to release this 2D racing game for Android, Windows and Linux.


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