Crisiant game character head

Crisiant – First Glimpse of the main character

Work continues on my up and coming game called Crisiant. Today, I’m ready to give a glimpse of the character.

I’m finally starting to be happy with the character. As mentioned before, 3D modelling and graphic design is not one of my strong points, so my character for my next game called Crisiant has gone through quite a few iterations (maybe I could show them in a future post).

As shown in the blog post image, you can see the first glimpse of the main character. I’m only showing the head at this moment, as the body is not quite finished and just needs a couple of adjustments. As you can see, I’m going for a cartoon look and the main character is female, who doesn’t have a name yet.

Also, I’m well into designing the second level. I currently plan to have 7 levels, each divided into a main stage and a boss stage.

Keep following me for more updates on Crisiant.

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