video game 2019 project preview

Project 2019 and when to start posting about a new game.

I have been working on a new project since February (2019). I don’t want to reveal it yet though. This is because, in the past I’ve tended to post about new projects too early on and then only to either lose motivation, find out the game isn’t that fun to play or realize that the […]

Rugby League 2d arcade game

Rugby League Arcade Development Diary – Day 2

As mentioned in the previous post or my Rugby League Arcade Development Diary, my new project for 2015 is a rugby league game, it will be a 2D arcade game in the style of the classic Sensible Soccer games. I’ve decided to develop the game by going through the processes of a game of Rugby […]

monkey x is now free

Monkey X is now free for publishing to Desktop or HTML5

The Monkey X language isn’t well known, but I love it.  It makes programming great fun.  The code always looks clean and easy to read.  Monkey comes from the Blitz line of products (BlitzMax, Blitz3D, BlitzBasic) so is great for people new to programming and making game, but the best news is that Monkey X […]

top down racing game shadows

top down racing game shadows and wheels!

I’ve been making some small but good steps with my top down racing game. The computer car movement is much better, and now I’m starting to think about and set the code-up ready to implement things, such as overtaking and crashes.  The computer cars currently detect if there are any other cars nearby, and the […]

3d on-rails space shooter

Welcome to the new Sionco website

I’m updating my website for what is probably the fourth time. I’ve started to use WordPress as I’ve started to learn how it works through my work. For anyone who is new: Sionco is the name of an independent computer games developement company run by one man, Siôn. Sionco aims to develop and provide both […]

still alive..

I’m still alive.Currently considering whether to continue the racing game in 3D with monkey or change to Unity3D (which I’ve been looking at today) or to go 2D and overhead with the racing.

Touring Car Arcade Racing Game

Touring Car Arcade Racing Game, Update of Afternoon 5

Seems like I get most work done on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as the last 5 entries have been on the nights of these days, interesting to know! I’m still working away on my arcade racing game. I call it a 3D arcade touring car racing game.  Im thinking of two possible names for it using […]

3d on-rails space shooter

Seren Nova 3D : More Enemies

After considering a few names, such as Space Falcon, I’ve decided to call my game Seren Nova 3D (Seren being Star in Welsh). In the development news, I’ve been working on the enemies and managed to get them to face and and shoot at the player.  

3D shooter: Progress

I been working with the control system and thanks to some nice helpers at the Blitz3D forum learning about movement and control in 3D games, as well as some theory about the targeting system in Star Fox (aka Lylat Wars in the UK). Now, thanks to this great help with working out the movement and […]