HaxeFlixel Game Development

The start of an adventure in HaxeFlixel Game Development! After a busy summer working, I’m back to programming, However, I’ve changed my programming language after getting frustrated with Monkey X and also what looks like a bleak future for it. I’ve always been fascinated by Haxe, as it feels like a really nice language to […]

Important lessons for an indie game developer.

This was going to be a typical post by me, apologising for the lack of updates and announcing the death of yet another game, but I’ve decided to be positive and turn it into an article of important lessons for an indie game developer. I’ve got a bit demotivated during making the UFO abduction game, […]

UFO Game – Moving Backgrounds

I’ve added a moving background to my UFO game. This means that now the fields move as well as some background trees, and changes the feel of the game, in that before it looked like it was the trees and animals which were moving, but now, with the moving background and clouds, it really does […]

clouds in my UFO paper game

I’ve reworked the level creation system on my UFO paper game, so that at the start of the game the first wave of objects (animals, buildings, trees, enemies) is hard-coded into the game, but once an objects has been destroyed, abducted or leaves the screen, then a random object is created in it’s place, which […]

UFO Attacks

I’ve added weapons to the game, yes! This is a real UFO attack! The farmers now shoot at your UFO (eventually, there will also be increasingly difficult enemies like soldiers and tanks), and also you, as the UFO can shoot your enemies and any objects in the way of you beaming up animals and people.  […]

Paper Cows and UFO’S!!!!

Yes, You read the title correctly, Paper cows! I’ve been busy cutting out shapes from pieces of blank paper, scanning them into the computer and then arranging them and colouring them in to create objects for my game.  In the development screenshot below, you can see the UFO made out of paper and also a […]

UFO game, building, plant, animal or enemy

In my UFO game, there will be three main types of objects that can interact with the UFO flying saucer; animals, enemies and plants/buildings (they’re more or less the same). The aim of the game is to abduct the animals and people, while avoiding enemies and trying to not beam aboard any houses or plants […]

A game for 2014: UFO Abduction Game

I’m working on a small idea, and after a couple of hours work, spread out over two days, I have the following screenshot to show my progress, as you can see it’s going to be a UFO abduction game. more details to come. Keep following me, here or by facebook..

the start of a new game..

It’s just any old place-holder art at the moment, and there is not functionality, but I’m starting afresh on a new game..