Learning from your failed games - Part 1: Start Small : Rugby League Pro Manager. My first attempt at a sports management game. It didn't get far due to my lack of programming knowledge. Created in Game Maker

Learning from your failed games – Part 1: Start Small

If you browse through my blog, I’ve started and not finished many games, this has been for a variety of reasons.  But, whereas I used to get very demotivated and leave game programming for a few months, now I see all of my games as part of the learning process, so I’ve decided to write […]

Rugby League 2D Game Development Diary, Day 1.

My new project for 2015 is Rugby League In my new project, I’m trying to create a fun rugby league game. My idea is for the game to have an arcade feel about it, rather than be a true simulation with player fatigue and so forth.  I’ve chosen to go down this route so I […]

Rugby League game?

I’m just experimenting with the idea of creating a simplified 2D version of a rugby league game.   I’ve also been working on two other games using HaxeFlixel; a classic 2D 60’s F1 racing game called Grand Prix Hero and a 2D stealth game called Stealth Ghost.  Both were previously shelved as I decided that […]

Learn to make games in Haxe with Haxe Tutorials

I continue to learn to make games in Haxe by triyng to make a few different game demos, but one thing that has been difficult, is the lack of tutorials for different types of games.  I’m using HaxeFlixel, which is a great framework designed to make game creation easier. But I recently discovered a new […]

HaxeFlixel Game Development

The start of an adventure in HaxeFlixel Game Development! After a busy summer working, I’m back to programming, However, I’ve changed my programming language after getting frustrated with Monkey X and also what looks like a bleak future for it. I’ve always been fascinated by Haxe, as it feels like a really nice language to […]

Important lessons for an indie game developer.

This was going to be a typical post by me, apologising for the lack of updates and announcing the death of yet another game, but I’ve decided to be positive and turn it into an article of important lessons for an indie game developer. I’ve got a bit demotivated during making the UFO abduction game, […]

Development Blog RSS

I’ve added an RSS button to the side bar, so that people can follow my blog, and keep updated on the progress. It’s the big orange button to the right in the Social links area where you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus also. I’m still working on my Grand Prix Hero […]

2013 Indie Games Review

2013 Indie Games Review

This is my annual December post. Yes! It’s my 2013 indie games review!!! 2013 will be remembered for being full of promise and hope and experimentation, despite not living up to my expectations in regards to finishing games. While I did manage to finish two games (Rocket Croc and Zombie Rush) I don’t consider them […]