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Seren Nova 3D Level 1 boss complete and other updates.

I’ve been working on Seren Nova 3D a little bit each week and I feel that the first level is almost finished.  I hope to release a version of the first level in the development stage soon to be tested.


I’ve created a new boss (I had two goes at this, but wasn’t happy with the first one). So, the level is functionally complete.Seren Nova 3D development version boss 1

I’ve been adding a lot of things, trying to focus on small details in the first level.  Even though I will release a version of level 1 in it’s current state, there will be improvements from feedback and also my own play-through.


I’ve also spent more time trying to refine and improve the controls and targeting.  I feel I have a good compromise for the 3 different controller types (gamepad, keyboard, touchscreen).  Although, playing with the gamepad the game does control a bit different to playing with a keyboard.

For the development release version, I’ve added a temporary controller select option to the main screen.

Development version Seren Nova 3d main screen

The release will be for Windows/Linux PCs.  That is my main target for this game.  Although the Android version is working and always in the back of my mind during development.


Seren Nova 3D Level One Starts to take shape

My current development goal for Seren Nova 3D is to get the first level finished, then I can show it off.

I’m still not 100% happy with the aiming, but it is a lot better than the previous unfinished version of this game that I was working on 3 years ago.

I’ve got most of the enemy ships working how I want them to work (including this new ship below – which comes from behind the player, before turning and performing a spin attack towards the player).  I believe that I have finished the first 2/3 of the level.  I also need to create the level boss, as don’t like the boss ship that I had 3 years ago for this level.

Seren Nova 3D game

Also, this time, I’m thinking more about the environment.  So, for this level I want more snow hills and remains of buildings/animals on this dead planet.    Also, the gates to the enemy base have returned, where the player has to shoot them to open them.

The idea of this level is to provide a gentle introduction to the game, although there are some pretty intense laser battles in the middle.

Seren Nova 3D gameSer


Seren Nova 3D Development Update

Here are the latest updates in Seren Nova 3D (my restarted version of the game; as mentioned in the previous blog post).   I’ve spent the time updating and re-implementing some of the 3D models of ships from the 3 years ago.  I’m not great at texturing or 3D models, but I have decided to at least give the ships basic textures,  as opposed to the non-textured look in the previous version of this game.


New Ship

I’ve also created a new ship for the player.  I did this because I thought it would be better to get away from the blue and grey winged ship that is associated with Star Fox.

Targeting Systems

I’ve also been testing two targeting systems, one which is more similar to Panzar Dragoon, where the target doesn’t reset when you stop moving it.  I am leaning towards this option, because I think that it will be easier to control for people who don’t play with a gamepad, such as people playing with a keyboard on the PC and people playing with touch screen controls on Android devices.Seren Nova 3D onrails space shooter 2018

As you see in the screenshot below, I’ve replaced the old satellites and created a sky texture.  I want this planet to look dull and like just a big planet of snow.
Seren Nova 3D onrails space shooter 2018


As mentioned in the previous blog post, I’m a lot happier with the targeting system, and continue to improve it, such as when the cross-hairs are over a target, there is a little resistance when you try to move them away.  This is so that when moving the target across the screen quickly, the cross-hairs stay a fraction longer over enemies, so the player will have a fraction longer to get a good shot in.  I’ll be making small adjustments until I think it will work well across all control systems.


I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D

In 2015 due to not being happy with the feel of the controls and aiming in the game I stopped working on it.  However, I was recently playing around with the controls and aiming in a blank project and I found something that felt right.   So, I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D.


I’ve decided to restart from scratch.  I will use my original level designs and the models that I created.  But, everything else will be programmed from the ground up.

Seren Nova 3D snow worm

The game will be mission based.  I hope to try and make it a little bigger than my original idea, in that I want to use what I have learnt in the last two and a half years.


Last time, I completed the design for 2 levels.  So, I feel feel quite confident in finishing what will probably be the biggest game I will have completed.  Also, now that I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D, I feel very motivated because it is a joy for me to work on this game, creating the ships and levels, due to my love of classic on-rail 3D shooters.

It has also given me another reason to play Panzer Dragoon ( I love the second one) and Star Fox 64, and even the flying missions in Star Fox Assault, which are great.

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Super Hang Glider Released

Super Hang Glider Released to the Google Play Store

Yes, I’ve finished my second game of 2018.  Called Super Hang Glider, it is a fun arcade game designed to be played with friends on a mobile phone or tablet device (although it can be played alone).

Super Hang Glider released on Google Play

Initially, I was inspired to make this game after looking on Google Play for a game similar to the Monkey Target mini game from the Super Monkey Ball franchise.  After being disappointed with the offerings, I decided to make a game with similar objectives although with my own twist upon it.

In Super Hang Glider, you and up to three friends take turns to launch your hang glider and try to gain as many points as possible.  Points are won be either landing on the targets or flying through rings.

The game features different characters to choose from each with their own hang glider.  I’m not the best artist, so I’m quite pleased with the simple character designs.

Super Hang Glider released on Google Play

The game includes a high score screen, which saves the top 8 scores as well as the character who achieved that score.

Also, I decided to include random events that can occur and affect the flight of the player.  These include a UFO that changes the player’s direction in a random way, a flock of birds that fly towards the player and also fog which makes it difficult to see.   These events only occur after the first round.

To make things more difficult there is also the wind to contend with.  Each turn, the wind changes, so you could be flying against a strong side-wind at any moment.


I’m very happy with this game.  Getting the flying physics right took a lot of times and many changes and rewrites, although, I will probably try to adjust them a little more in the future.

It has taken me a month to develop this game, and I’ve probably worked on it about 2 or 3 afternoons a week.  So, in total, that is probably about 12 days.  I’m quite pleased with that.

At the beginning, I was considering to put in different levels, but, I decided against it to stop ‘feature-creep’, as I wanted to finish this game before the end of February.   Now that it is finished, I’ll think about adding a new level in the future.

I designed all the 3D and 2D graphics myself.  I’m not a great 3D or 2D artist, so, I’m relatively pleased with the result.

This is also actually, the second game to include my voice.  I’ve recorded myself saying 12 words/phrases which are used for the announcers voice.  I tried to do it in a classic 90’s Sega arcade game announcer style.

The music and sound effects are all free sounds I found (using the Creative Commons 0 licence).

Play now

You can download Super Hang Glider from the Google Play store now.

Click here.

super hang glider released for android




mejorar tu compresión oral y tu pronunciación en inglés con este app

¿Tienes problemas para entender el inglés? ¿Te resulta difícil entender que existen palabras similares que se pronuncian de manera distinta?

El equipo de Phonetic Submarine está aquí para ayudarte a mejorar tu compresión oral y tu pronunciación en inglés con este juego educativo muy divertido.

compresión oral y tu pronunciación en inglés Phonetic Submarine English language learning App

Sé el capitán del submarino fonético en este juego divertido y mejora tu comprensión oral.

Utiliza tu radar y oído para encontrar el sonido correcto y la pronunciación correcta de la palabra que ves en la pantalla.


  1. Aprende a entender y pronunciar más de 600+ palabras en inglés.
  2. 16 áreas distintas de pronunciación en inglés para que practiques.
  3. Ve, escucha y practica la pronunciación de palabras difíciles después de jugar
  4. Mira las palabras en las que has mejorado.

No hay ayuda visual, así que sólo puedes utilizar tu oído para detectar y entender la pronunciación en inglés.

¿Puedes detectar la correcta pronunciación de la palabra en inglés?

¡No sabrás que estás aprendiendo!

Cómo jugar

  1. La palabra que tienes que escuchar aparece en la casilla roja en la esquina superior izquierda de la pantalla.
  2. Oirás dos palabras similares que han sido detectadas por el radar del submarino.
  3. Desliza o mueve tu dedo hacia la luz que representa la pronunciación que crees que es correcta.
  4. Si aciertas, destruirás el submarino enemigo. Pero si no aciertas, la palabra se guardará en la casilla de “Palabras a Mejorar”

Disponible ahora en la tienda de Google Play aqui. Submarine English language learning App

Puedes Mejorar tu compresión oral y tu pronunciación en inglés con este juego educativo muy divertido.

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App

Game Release: Phonetic Submarine: Learn English Sounds

I’ve released my first game in what is a long time (about a year).  It is an educational game for learning the English language, specifically the app is to help English learners learn English sounds.

In my experience teaching the English language, students have a lot of difficulty with their listening comprehension and one major area of this is the minimal pairs.   Minimal pairs are words that vary only by a singular sound, such as ‘grow’ and ‘grew’ or ‘hat’ and ‘hit’.

This Android app is to help students learn to distinguish the difference between the sounds in English and therefore improve their ability to not only understand English but also their pronunciation of these sounds and words.


The game has two parts;

The first is the actual game part, where the player sees a word on the screen (in the red box) and as the submarine’s radar goes around they will hear two similar sounds.  They have to choose which is the correct pronunciation and swipe (or touch) in that direction on the radar.   If they choose correctly the submarine destroys the enemy sub, if they get it wrong the player’s submarine is hit by a torpedo.

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App learn english sounds pronunciation android listening

At the end of the game, the user is shown two lists; the first is a list of words that they didn’t identify properly and the second is a list that they previously had got wrong, but have understood them this time.

The last part of the game, is the ‘Words to Improve’ screen.  This is a big list of all the words that the user didn’t identify the correct pronunciation in English. They can click on each word to listen and practice.


Download Phonetic Submarine: Learn English Sounds now for free from the Google Play store.

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App learn english sounds



I’ve decided to focus on new projects.

It is time to restart Sionco!