video game 2019 project preview

Project 2019 and when to start posting about a new game.

I have been working on a new project since February (2019). I don’t want to reveal it yet though. This is because, in the past I’ve tended to post about new projects too early on and then only to either lose motivation, find out the game isn’t that fun to play or realize that the […]

Seren Nova 3D development version boss 1

Seren Nova 3D Level 1 boss complete and other updates.

I’ve been working on Seren Nova 3D a little bit each week and I feel that the first level is almost finished.  I hope to release a version of the first level in the development stage soon to be tested.   I’ve created a new boss (I had two goes at this, but wasn’t happy […]

Seren Nova 3D game

Seren Nova 3D Level One Starts to take shape

My current development goal for Seren Nova 3D is to get the first level finished, then I can show it off. I’m still not 100% happy with the aiming, but it is a lot better than the previous unfinished version of this game that I was working on 3 years ago. I’ve got most of […]

Seren Nova 3D onrails space shooter 2018

Seren Nova 3D Development Update

Here are the latest updates in Seren Nova 3D (my restarted version of the game; as mentioned in the previous blog post).   I’ve spent the time updating and re-implementing some of the 3D models of ships from the 3 years ago.  I’m not great at texturing or 3D models, but I have decided to at […]

Seren Nova 3D snow worm

I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D

In 2015 due to not being happy with the feel of the controls and aiming in the game I stopped working on it.  However, I was recently playing around with the controls and aiming in a blank project and I found something that felt right.   So, I’m back working on Seren Nova 3D.   I’ve […]

Super hang glider for Android, available on Google Play

Super Hang Glider Released

Super Hang Glider Released to the Google Play Store Yes, I’ve finished my second game of 2018.  Called Super Hang Glider, it is a fun arcade game designed to be played with friends on a mobile phone or tablet device (although it can be played alone). Initially, I was inspired to make this game after […]

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App

mejorar tu compresión oral y tu pronunciación en inglés con este app

¿Tienes problemas para entender el inglés? ¿Te resulta difícil entender que existen palabras similares que se pronuncian de manera distinta? El equipo de Phonetic Submarine está aquí para ayudarte a mejorar tu compresión oral y tu pronunciación en inglés con este juego educativo muy divertido. Sé el capitán del submarino fonético en este juego divertido […]

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App

Game Release: Phonetic Submarine: Learn English Sounds

I’ve released my first game in what is a long time (about a year).  It is an educational game for learning the English language, specifically the app is to help English learners learn English sounds. In my experience teaching the English language, students have a lot of difficulty with their listening comprehension and one major […]

Phonetic Submarine English language learning App

Aplicación para la comprensión oral en inglés

He desarrollado está aplicación para la comprensión oral en inglés. Es un juego para ayudar a la comprensión oral y pronunciación de pares mínimos en inglés (minimal pairs). Espero que lo disfrutáis. En este momento solo esta disponible para los dispositivos de Android. Descargarlo gratis desde la tienda Play de Google