Crisiant Game dev main character development

Presenting the main character in Crisiant

I continue to move forward in developing this game, that is currently called Crisiant. I’ve currently finished 2 levels and one boss fight and I’ve started the 3rd level. I’m also finally happy with the character design for the game. The image shows 4 iterations of the main character with the 3rd one from the […]

Crisiant game character head

Crisiant – First Glimpse of the main character

Work continues on my up and coming game called Crisiant. Today, I’m ready to give a glimpse of the character. I’m finally starting to be happy with the character. As mentioned before, 3D modelling and graphic design is not one of my strong points, so my character for my next game called Crisiant has gone […]

New Game in Development: Crisiant

This is the current loading screen of my new in development. As reported last month. Today, I can reveal that it will be called Crisiant and quite different from anything else that I’ve tried before. However, I’m actively keeping the project scope down, so that it the development can be manageable. I’m not ready to […]

video game 2019 project preview

Project 2019 and when to start posting about a new game.

I have been working on a new project since February (2019). I don’t want to reveal it yet though. This is because, in the past I’ve tended to post about new projects too early on and then only to either lose motivation, find out the game isn’t that fun to play or realize that the […]