Rugby League Arcade Camera Angles and Updates

Here are the latest updates for Rugby League Arcade.  None of them are too exciting, mostly work on the code that runs behind the scenes. I’ve restarted the AI module for the computer controlled teams. I’ve re-added tackling, it’s now easier to tackle the computer controlled players. The AI is now better at changing to […]

Rugby League Arcade updates

So, as mentioned previously. I’ve completely restarted the code for the players and AI in Rugby League Arcade. I’ve added a new system for changing players when defending.  Previously, I’d tried two systems, the first was using the pass buttons to cycle through the team from left to right or right to left, but this […]

Work continues on Rugby League Arcade.

After a small break because of my work and a lack of updates.  I’m happy to report that work continues on Rugby League Arcade, I’ve decided to remove all the of the player code and also the AI code and redo it.  I am doing this because after playing some Rugby League 3 on the […]

Kicking in Rugby League Arcade

I’ve finally added kicking in Rugby League Arcade for both the kick-off and in-game kicks. When you press the kick button, an arrow appears below the player, from which you can direct the kick and also a power button at the top appears and increases as you hold down the kick button, the more it […]

Rugby League Fullback

Since the last update, I’ve spend quite a few days, playing the game and working through and fixing little issues,  I’ve made a list of some of the fixes at the bottom of this post.   However, the big news is that I’ve started working on some of the individual positions of the players and […]

Rugby League Arcade Scrums!

Two big updates for Rugby League Arcade today. Firstly, when the ball goes out of play over the touchline, the game is restarted with a scrum.  I’ve also implemented some of the rules, such as, if a player runs out of touch or passes out of touch the scrum is started infield adjacently to where […]

Rugby League Arcade Update, What’s Currently in the Game?

This is a Rugby League Arcade update, so, what is in the game? This post is to let you know where I am with the game, so currently the following has been programmed and works: Kick-off is in the game (although it’s random at the moment, I aim to include targeting both for the player […]

A new Rugby League Arcade Pitch

Up until this moment I was using an graphic that I found on Google Images search for the pitch in Rugby League Arcade, but I’ve decided to create a new one.  As you can see, I’ve added two different shades of grass (it’s pretty basic at the moment), and I’ve also added the Rugby League […]

Rugby League Arcade Development Update

I’ve tried to resist posting about the Rugby League Arcade development status until now, because, I wanted to get to a point where I felt that I could finish and the basics of the game (running, passing and tackling) were working.  I feel that I’ve got to that point in the development of Rugby League […]