Rugby League Arcade pitch

The difficulty of developing sports game AI as an Indie Developer

As mentioned quite a lot (probably to often) the most difficult part of Rugby League Arcade is programming the AI.  To make it realistic (even if this is an arcade based game), to make it choose the right decision based on different situations and to make it difficult enough. Let’s take an example, such as, […]

Rugby League Arcade pitch

New Rugby League Arcade Pitch Texture

I’ve added a new pitch texture to the game, it looks a little more like grass, and I’m relatively happy with it at the moment. As, mentioned before, I’m not aiming for high-definition realistic graphics, as I’m a solo indie developer, and I don’t have the best 3D modelling skills and also even if I […]

Rugby League Arcade team and player select screen

Rugby League Arcade team and player select screen

I’ve spent a moment updating the Rugby League Arcade team and player select screen. Firstly, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the buttons, from the default grey that come with the Godot Engine, which is the development environment that I’m using. Also, you can now select which player controls each team.  So, you can play Player […]

Rugby League Arcade Development Updates; Conversion Kicks and Acceleration

Rugby League Arcade Development Updates.

It’s been a while since the last post about Rugby League Arcade development updates. I’ve been working on and off on the project, due to real-life work commitments.  However, there are two major improvements to the game, conversions and the players movement. Rugby League Arcade Development Updates As mentioned above the biggest update, is that […]

Rugby League Arcade Newsletter

Rugby League Arcade Newsletter

If you follow me on here, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll know that my Rugby League Arcade development updates can sometimes be sporadic and sometimes every day. If you’d like to make sure that you are updated with important developments, such as; If a demo is released If I need any testers The release of the […]

Rugby League Arcade Team Flags

I’ve been working on little jobs in the back end of Rugby League Arcade, and nothing that exciting to take a screenshot of.    Some of these things include the computer AI team now kick on the last tackle, fixing the rotation of the kicking triangle, and as always improving the AI code such as what […]

New Video of Rugby League Arcade

I’ve decided it’s time to show a small video of Rugby League Arcade and where it currently is at in it’s development. The following video shows the main menu, selecting teams, and two AI (computer controlled) teams.  It is possible to play as one of the teams, but I wanted to show off the current […]

Rugby League Arcade Update

I haven’t worked on rugby League Arcade as much as I wanted to since the last post, but that was due to double disaster, being ill, and also a major computer failure. I have worked on the defence AI for the computer controlled players, so now it is a little harder to get past the […]

Ingame editor for Rugby League Arcade 3d game

Ingame editor for Rugby League Arcade

Today, I’ve been working on an ingame editor for Rugby League Arcade.  Because, I do not have the rights to use the real names for Super League and the NRL, the game will come with made up teams and names. So, I think for this game to have lasting appeal, it’s important that it can […]

Aussies v Kiwis Rugby League Arcade

Two new teams instead of looking at the same two old ones.  Here is a Aussies v Kiwis rugby League match.  The kits aren’t the final versions as I still hope to improve the 3D player model.  Also, I want to include white and black players.