scrums in rugby league arcade and camera angles

Rugby League Arcade Video

I’ve recorded a new Rugby League Arcade video of the current progress in the game. The video shows two AI (computer controlled) teams playing each other. Obviously, the game is still in development, as such there are a few things missing and bugs.  For example, the players sometimes get in their teammates way. Also, the […]

Rugby League Arcade title-screen

Two gif animations of Rugby League Arcade

The first shows a AI team kicking off in Rugby League Arcade. The animation is a little jerky, but that’s because I’m still getting the hang of making GIF animations of my game. The second GIF is of the new title screen in Rugby League Arcade and also the team select screen:

scrums in rugby league arcade

Scrums in Rugby League Arcade and other updates

Scrums in Rugby League Arcade are now working.  Although the scrums are without any animation and the positions of the supporting players (the players not in the scrum) need to be fixed. Also, as seen in the screenshot, there are new posts with shadows (well fake shadows)! I’ve added the names of the currently controlled […]

Rugby League Arcade for Linux and Windows team select screen

Rugby League Arcade for Linux and Passing

I’ve realised that this is the only rugby game for Linux, which is exciting, although I’m not counting on the market share of people who have Linux / Ubuntu PCs and who like rugby league to be too big. Anyway, I’m designing Rugby League Arcade for Linux and Windows PCs. Development Updates Firstly, I’ve changed […]

Riugby League Arcade PC game Windows Linux 3D

Rugby League Arcade pitch.

I’ve edited the Rugby League Arcade pitch and added mud! In the final game there will be one or two different stadiums (depending on my skill and time).  Also, I hope to have different pitches, such as a more muddy one for some British clubs, to simulate playing in different climates.  I think it looks […]

Rugby League Arcade improvements and fixes

Rugby League Arcade improvements and fixes

I’ve reorganized my to-do list for Rugby League Arcade and I’m focussing on improvements and fixes to the game basics. The good news is that the basic game is more or less working.  You can pass, kick and tackle, and the AI can do the same.   However, I think that they all need improving.  Passing, […]

Rugby League Arcade Controls

Rugby League Arcade Controls

One of the major things that I want to perfect are the Rugby League Arcade controls.  I think for a little indie title like this, it can be what makes it or breaks the game.  I don’t have the budget for high-quality graphics and animation ( I’m actually making 100% of the game on my […]

Rugby League Arcade Controls

Rugby League Arcade Controls

I’ve worked on the Rugby League Arcade controls and added gamepad support, so players can be controlled with a gamepad or joystick.  Currently, I’ve only added support for one player. I’ll eventually add two-player support to the game, but that I’ll need to a good programming session for that, to add things such as which […]

Rugby League 3D game Arcade update

Rugby League Arcade Update

Here’s another Rugby League Arcade, with the latest news from the development of my 3D Rugby League game for PC’s Graphically, there’s not much to show, as I’ve been working on some of the code behind the scene.  As mentioned before, my goal is to create a game that feels nice, and then add the […]

Rugby League Arcade Editing editor

Rugby League Arcade Editing

In this article I’ll discuss recent updates and Rugby League Arcade Editing and modding.   Firstly, I’ve updated the team select screen.  You can now select who controls each team, from either CPU (computer controlled), player 1 or player 2.  However, at the moment, the game is still single player because I haven’t implemented local […]