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Development Difficulties and History – part 2 or 3

After writing this article, I have decided to split this history of the beginning of my journey into independent game development into three parts, to make it a less strenuous read and write. Here’s the second part of my self indulgent history of how I got here, but luckily this is shorter. After University I […]

Development Difficulties and History – part 1 or 2

I decided to create an educational game a year ago, and my current progress on the Learn and Play game for learning English is a semi-functional piece of software written in BlitzMax with only 4 games, an even less functional and older version in Blitz3D and lastly an even older and less functional version written […]

Linux Software Alternatives for Windows Programs

Here is an article I wrote about software to help ex-Windows users change to Linux. There are thousands of free programs in Linux and knowing which ones to use can be a hassle, this article discusses the best software alternatives in Linux to Windows programs…more here

Which Linux distribution?

This quiz is dated 2005, but I found it interesting anyway.With the many different variations of Linux operating systems, this aims to help a new person decide which one. Click here for the quiz

Switched from Windows xp to Ubuntu

This week I have switched operating systems. For about the last six or seven years, I have played around with different Linux distributions, creating a partition on my various computers Hard-drives and installing there. However, even though I liked them, and wanted to get rid of Microsoft products forever, I always found that in one […]

The Rudimentary Introductory Post.

Thanks for visiting this website and this blog. Hopefully, when I’m not busy coding and making the games and software, I will be able to post here. I’ve started this blog for two reasons really: 1. To show the development of up and coming games and software, where feedback will be listened too. and 2. […]