3D Netball Game for Android

I’ve just finished a mini-project while I’m trying to finish Rugby League Arcade, it’s a 3D netball game for Android mobiles and tablets called Netball Shots. What is Netball Shots? In Netball Shots, you take control of the goal shooter from one of 12 different top netball countries and try to score as many goals […]

3D rugby game try animation

3D Rugby game animation and GUI

Since last time, I’ve been working mostly on visual aspects of my 3D rugby game.  I know I should fix some of the little bugs before I release a demo, but I’d like the game to at least look a bit better than it does. Firstly, I’ve changed the score and player name displays on […]

back to work on rugby league arcade two player local co-op multiplayer

Back to work on Rugby League Arcade. Two Player Control!

After a long summer working away. I’m back to work on Rugby League Arcade in my free time and I’ve already made some improvements. Firstly, all the menus including the in-game pause menu now have keyboard and joypad support, so if you want to play with a joypad you don’t have to change over to […]

Rugby League Arcade summer 2016

Rugby League Arcade Summer 2016

I was hoping to release a demo before August, but unfortunately I haven’t managed to get it done, because I’m only working on this game in my free time.  In August I will be away working most weeks, so development will slow a lot. I’m a little disappointed, because I feel that the game is […]

Updates for Rugby League Arcade

Lots of Updates for Rugby League Arcade

In the last week, I’ve managed to work on Rugby League Arcade for 4 afternoons, so I have a lot of updates for Rugby League Arcade to talk about.  While there isn’t anything visual to show I’ve have added some very important additions, changes and fixes. So, strap-in and read on baby! Firstly, I’ve added […]

Rugby League Arcade 3D sports game for PC linux Windows

Rugby League Arcade update and game plans.

Firstly, as mentioned in the title, I’ve now added the possibility to create black and white players in the Rugby League team editor that comes with the game. Reorganizing and Planning I’ve been playing a bit of Rugby League Live, as well as watching a few rugby league games for any ideas, writing them down […]

Rugby League Arcade game 3d

Rugby League Arcade Game Update

I’m currently working on the hardest part of my Rugby League Arcade game, the AI (computer controlled teams).  However, in the last few weeks I haven’t had much time to work on it, so I haven’t made as much progress as I had hoped.  It’s moving forward bit by bit.  I’m not trying to complete […]

scrums in rugby league arcade and camera angles

Rugby League Arcade Video

I’ve recorded a new Rugby League Arcade video of the current progress in the game. The video shows two AI (computer controlled) teams playing each other. Obviously, the game is still in development, as such there are a few things missing and bugs.  For example, the players sometimes get in their teammates way. Also, the […]

Rugby League Arcade title-screen

Two gif animations of Rugby League Arcade

The first shows a AI team kicking off in Rugby League Arcade. The animation is a little jerky, but that’s because I’m still getting the hang of making GIF animations of my game. The second GIF is of the new title screen in Rugby League Arcade and also the team select screen:

scrums in rugby league arcade

Scrums in Rugby League Arcade and other updates

Scrums in Rugby League Arcade are now working.  Although the scrums are without any animation and the positions of the supporting players (the players not in the scrum) need to be fixed. Also, as seen in the screenshot, there are new posts with shadows (well fake shadows)! I’ve added the names of the currently controlled […]