Rugby League Arcade

Is Rugby League Arcade my white whale?

UPDATE: Yes, it is. I’ve stopped work on my rugby games. I first created a little 2D demo for a rugby league game two years ago. I then started working on a 3D version about a year ago, before becoming fed-up with always battling against the physics engine and restarting the project 4 months ago. […]

rugby union runners mobile rugby game android

Rugby Union Runners – mobile rugby game

After announcing the release of Rugby League Runners yesterday, I’ve created another version of this mobile rugby game, called Rugby Union Runners. In Rugby Union runners you can choose from many international rugby sides to try and get a high-score! This rugby game is easy game to pick-up, but difficult to master. Try and run […]

Rugby League Runner a rugby game for android mobile and tablet devices arcade 2d

2D rugby league mobile game

I’ve released a 2D rugby league mobile game for Android devices, called Rugby League Runners. The game is an easy to play arcade game based on rugby league where you control 5 players with the ball and have to try to run as many meters as possible past the opposition. The opposition come in random […]

Zombie Rush Update

I was thinking of a small project to do when I have 5 minutes spare every so often and also to get me back into the groove of development and I decided to revisit and redo on of my previous games. Zombie Rush is a game that is still getting a few downloads, but I […]

Train of Lost Souls Casual arcade Android mobile game

Train of Lost Souls – An android game made out of paper

This last week I’ve been working on a little casual game for mobiles and tablets called Train of Lost Souls.  However, this is the first game that I haven’t made alone.  I actually made it with my mother.  It was her idea for a game and it is actually a game made out of paper! […]

netball mobile games

Netball Mobile Game – Updates and Download Free

I’ve updated my netball mobile game, Netball Shots. A few features have been updated in this game for Android.  Firstly, and most importantly, it is now easier to shoot the ball and score goals. Before, one review mentioned that it was too difficult to shoot from one of the positions futher away from the net. […]

Rugby League Arcade December 2016 Update

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this game in the last few months because of work and life commitments. Usually, I’ve only had about 4 afternoons a month. But, Rugby League Arcade is not dead. I will have a lot more time to work on it over the next 3 months. […]

What's happened to rugby league arcade

What’s happened to Rugby League Arcade?

The time between blog posts and updates get longer, usually the sign that a project is dying.  Eventually, there are no updates. The project is dead. well, What’s happened to Rugby League Arcade? Well, fortunately, this isn’t the case, Rugby League Arcade is alive. While, in the last two months my motivation for Rugby League […]

Rugby League game fixes

Rugby League game fixes

<p>After having a week off to get back into programming, and to actually finish and release a game, even if it was a small game done in 3 days (check out the game here: Netball Shots). I’m back working on and going down my list of my rugby league game fixes. I’m quite please by […]