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3D On-Rails Space Shooter using the Godot Engine – Planets!

I’ve added the possibility of having planet based levels in my 3D On-Rails Space Shooter using the Godot Engine.
Currently, the test level just includes a skybox (the sky image has been borrowed, and will be replaces) and also some ground, what the spaceship can collide with, and also the target can’t go below, shadows were really easy to add also in Godot.

3D On-Rails Space Shooter using the Godot Engine - Planets!

I’d like a mixture of space and planet based levels, I’ve never really created a 3D level (except for some race tracks for some never completed 3D racing games – see the basement section), so it will be interesting.  I’m currently, deciding what best way to do it will be,  whether to create all the levels visually in blender or Godot, or add enemies by code.  space levels will be a lot easier to make, as there is a lack of buildings and ground objects.


I’d like to create a planet level, like Corneria in the original Star Fox for the Snes (as shown below) with some basic rectangular buildings which seem that they would go with the minimalist 3D style that I’m using (mostly due to my basic or lack of 3D modelling skills).

star fox corneria snes

I’d also like to include some ground vehicles such as tanks, like in Star Fox 3D:

star fox 64 godot

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