3D on rails space shooter in Godot Engine

I’ve been doing a little bit more work on my 3D on rails space shooter in Godot Engine,

I’ve played around a little bit more with Blender, slowly learning how to make 3D models.  I’m trying to create a test level (although it could always become a real level), with a sort of canyon run, with two small mountain ranges on each side, the idea being to test the ship collisions with the scenery, and to make a hard level, where there is limited room to move for the player.


I’ve also spent a lot of time learning about collisions and ray casting in Godot, it took me a bit of time to learn how to do some simple things, such as use ray casting for the lasers to detect when they are about to hit an object, but I’ve got it working.  Now, when the lasers hit an object, they are destroyed.  However, I don’t have any enemy objects to hit at the moment, just a 3D cube for target practice.The test level is still very much work in progress, and as mentioned before the sky image has been borrowed:


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