Rugby League Runner a rugby game for android mobile and tablet devices arcade 2d

2D rugby league mobile game

I’ve released a 2D rugby league mobile game for Android devices, called Rugby League Runners.Rugby League Runner - rugby league mobile game for android on google play

The game is an easy to play arcade game based on rugby league where you control 5 players with the ball and have to try to run as many meters as possible past the opposition.

The opposition come in random formations (up to 22 different ones programmed in) and as your meter counter goes up so does the difficulty and speed of the opposition.

To get past the opposition you can either swipe left or right on the screen to pass to a team mate, or swipe forwards to try and kick the ball over the heads of the opposition.

Rugby League Runners includes 28 teams from Europe, Australia and New Zealand and was made in the Godot Engine

I think Rugby League Runners is a fun little rugby league mobile game to play.

Rugby League Runners is available to download for free on the Google Play Store here.

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